The Single Girl’s Guide to Wine and Frozen Food Pairings

Whether you’re single (like me), or just quarantining alone (me again!), cooking can be a drag to do for just one person. 

Disclaimer: I personally don’t like cooking. I’m always the one who offers to bring the wine to a potluck instead of a gourmet home-cooked meal. I AM excellent at boiling water for pasta though – just saying. 

ENTER: Single Serve Frozen Meals

Pop one in the microwave and in 5 minutes or less you have a healthy and hearty meal ready to be enjoyed!

What could be better? Ah I’m glad you asked! That my friends, would be wine. Just because you’re having a frozen meal doesn’t mean you can’t class it up a bit with the perfect wine pairing. Since I’m a frequenter in the frozen foods isle myself, I went through the trouble of tasting various meals and bowls with different wines. Such a drag right?! I focused on two popular frozen single-serve brands (Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice) all calorically in check, and with excellent portion control. Normally I’m of the motto that “any pizza is a personal pizza if you just believe in yourself,” but as I age and my metabolism slows down, I’m more conscious of the portions I eat. Now with all my years of experience drinking wine, you’d think I’d be an expert on the proper pairings by now, but since I wanted this list to be just right for y’all, I decided to do some extra legwork. After my taste tests I did a bunch of research into classic wine and food pairings and even consulted a true sommelier – the owner of Wine & Co, the wine bar downstairs. Yes, I do in fact live above a wine bar. And so here it is: the single girl’s guide to wine and frozen food pairings. 

I hope this chart helps you find the perfect wine for your next frozen meal – because even frozen meals deserve good wine. Happy quarantining! 


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  1. April 18, 2020 / 7:28 am

    This is genius! Hilarious, but also so good!