Monday Motivation + Move To Charleston

Sorry for the radio silence…..these past 2 weeks have been anything but easy. To be honest, they have been super overwhelming. I had forgotten all the stress that comes with moving (and not only moving 2 blocks away, but moving states). Boxes are currently taking over my apartment, but once I’m all settled in I can’t wait to show y’all the finished product!

What I am loving about this move is the amount of space I have! Let’s just say it’s considerably more than NYC. Duke’s also enjoying his increase in outdoor space and I’m happy to say Charleston is definitely a dog town- most shops and even some restaurants not only allow, but welcome dogs! It’s also been such a nice way to walk around the city and meet new people – Duke is the friendliest pup!

Most of my initial days were spent at the apartment waiting for deliveries, installations, and moving trucks, with the occasional back and forth to Bed Bath & Beyond. Now that I have the essentials, I’m really looking forward to exploring this charming city and everything it has to offer. By nature, I’m an anxious person and so to not have a routine has been more than stressful.  With everything being so new it’s hard not to get overwhelmed sometimes. Alright, a lot of the time. But along with my friends and family, I’ve been reminding myself that this is an incredible adventure and a huge life change and it’s normal to be scared. There is so much I have to look forward to and I know everything will begin to fall into place as I get more and more comfortable in my new home. Now I’m off to work – more details to come on the new job soon! Cheers y’all!