My Beach Essentials

I was recently introduced to these beautiful Turkish towels and they have become my go-to for trips to the beach! One of my favorite “towel” brands, Weezie, – am I a true adult if I have a favorite towel brand now?! – just released select beach towels that can be personalized and they are adorable! Another solid choice is always Serena and Lily – very well made and perfect for that “coastal vibe.” 

Lately I’ve been obsessed with skincare and now that I’m in my late 20s, sunscreen has become such an important part of my daily regimen.  I should admit, that sunscreen is important at ANY age, but I used to only think sunscreen needed to be applied while at the pool or beach. Thanks to Supergoop, and their campaign to educate the masses on the benefits of sunscreen, I’ve realized it’s incredibly necessary to wear every single day. Even if you work in an office and think “I’m inside all day and don’t need to bother”, Supergoop’s sunscreens can actually protect you from the blue-light emitted from screens, as well! Skin cancer is real y’all, and I’m just so happy I’ve found a sunscreen brand that fits with my lifestyle and that I truly enjoy wearing every day. They also have eye shadow & scalp sunscreen – fun fact: I’ve actually had both my eye lids and my scalp burnt in the past so this was a super exciting release for me. Their latest product, the zinc sunscreen was made specifically for acne-prone skin and I’ve been using it every day for a week and have loved it so far!

Beach Chairs
Towels are great and all to lay on, but try reading at the beach and you’ll realize how much you want/need a chair. It’s also nice to be off of the sand for a little bit. I recently purchased these chairs and love that they are so preppy and coastal. You also can’t beat the price for both! 

I love laying out in the sun as much as the next person, but sometimes shade is a nice escape, especially from the southern heat. It’s also nice to have the option to keep safe from the sun’s rays if you can’t be in the sun for that long and/or burn very easily (this gal!). This summer I discovered Business and Pleasure Co and their printed umbrellas are truly amazing – beautiful and well-made! They also sell matching chairs and tent-like cabanas so you can literally set up your own beach oasis! PLUS they are having their only sale and offering 30% off with code “LABORDAY”.

Lately, my go-to coverups have been from a brand favorite of mine: Cabana Life. Their clothes are all UPF50 protected and offer a lifetime protection so I always feel safe. Be sure to also check out the Charleston guide I did for them here!

I almost always have something to “do” on the beach, whether it be reading a new book, listening to music, playing beach games with friends, or running around with Duke and watching him try his best to figure out what the heck sand is 🙂

I love the option of having a straw hat on-hand if I want to sit in the sun, but also protect my face! Plus, they make for great photos!

Beach Bag
Whether it be a canvas bag or a straw bag, I’m never without a bag on the beach to carry all my goodies! From snacks, to water, to sunscreen, this bag and this bag are my favorites for being both roomy and easy to clean after a day in the sand. 

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