Cozy Season

The temperature is dropping, it’s getting darker earlier, and the only thing I seem to want to do is curl up on the couch with comfy clothes and the snuggliest blanket – oh and Duke! Since most of the US has experienced temperatures under 30 degrees this week, I feel like some of y’all might be in the same situation! That’s why I decided to round up a bunch of my favorite and coziest pieces for winter! Enjoy and stay warm!

Lately I’ve been obsessed with soft, teddy fleeces and plush, plaid blankets. Both are excellent for colder days and nights and for staying warm during this cold freeze! I even called my best friend from New York and told her how cold I was – she laughed in my face until I let her know it was actually 29 degrees here today and then she let me off the hook 🙂 Normally, I say I’m freezing here in Charleston and she texts me back a photo of her in a parka, but today we were definitely on even playing field. Even growing up in the north I feel like I’m not used to the cold having lived in the South for almost 3 years now!

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