A Cozy Night In

Winter can be so bleak and cold, that sometimes a relaxing and cozy night in is just what the doctor ordered! So be sure to give yourself some well deserved TLC this season and see how we enjoy our relaxing and pampering nights in together!

First, comfort is KEY and it all starts with a luxurious pair of PJs. We truly love any season where we get to snuggle up in cozy layers and the cutest pillows – the more the merrier! Fuzzy socks are not only fun but also keep you super warm; as do these Crane & Canopy oh-so-luxurious blankets we’ve been crushing on lately.  Puppy hugs have also proven to be extremely warm and cozy.

A glass of red wine is always our go-to for nights in, well, because who doesn’t feel relaxed after a glass of wine?! If you’re not the wine type, a nice cup of hot chocolate or Yogi Sleepy Time Tea are two of our other favorite and delicious ways to unwind. We especially like Yogi brand tea as the mantras on the tea tags always help end our night on an inspirational note.

Candles are a great mood-setter for cozy nights in. Some of our favorite scents are amber, vanilla, and the always-relaxing lavender. The soft lighting is so inviting and the smells can make your whole apartment feel like a spa! We’ve never been much into meditation, but a good book and candles can most certainly have the same calming effects for us!

A little self-care and TLC is always a great addition to any night in. Before we go to bed we love rejuvenating our skin with a spa-like face mask.

The last step to our routine is of course, snuggling up with the pup in bed. Resting your head on your pillow after a long day is incredibly satisfying and it really does help when you get to lay down on beautiful, silky-soft bedding – oh and when the cutest puppy is sharing your pillow.

Sweet dreams darlings!


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